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COMPRESSION THERAPY, through the application of a compression stocking is a conservative approach to managing your leg problems or promoting recovery after certain surgical procedures. Graduated compression works by applying a measured amount of compression to your leg.

The highest amount of compression is applied at the ankle and gradually reduces along the length of the stocking as it moves upward toward the heart. It is clinically shown to help promote the flow of blood out of your legs and back to the heart thus restoring normal circulation. By improving circulation, compression stockings help relieve the discomfort associated with leg fatigue, varicose veins and swelling.

We fit clients with VENOSAN® and VENOFIT® products which have been manufactured by Salzmann AG in Switzerland since 1942.

VENOSAN® were the first manufacture with the Tacel Climate effect and set new standards for the the silver fiber x-static® which has proven to be an effective inhibitor of infectious microbes. AIRWAY® compression garments are also available to our clients and are compatible for a wide variety of diagnosis.

OTC: (Over the Counter) products are purchased from a variety of stock merchandisers, or ordered upon measurement. Compression over 20 mmHg requires a Doctor’s prescription.

Custom-Made: are products that are specifically made for a person whose measurements are not in the range that a pre-fabricated garment has been made for.

Fittings: Compression garments are measured and fitted by a Certified Compression Fitter. We take into consideration such factors as the diagnosis of the disease and the clients activity level and life.