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FOOT BY FOOT staffs and trains Canadian Certified Pedorthists to properly assess biomechanics, range of motion and gait.


A pedorthist is an individual who is trained in the manufacturing, fitting and modification of foot appliances and footwear for the purposes of alleviating painful or debilitating conditions, and providing assistance for abnormalities or limited actions of the lower limb.

The pedorthist provides devices and footwear to assist in:
  • accommodation of foot deformities
  • re-alignment of poor joint angles
  • unload problem and painful areas
  • improvement of balance
  • control of mechanical function
  • accommodation of circulatory special requirements
  • enhancement of the actions of limbs compromised as a result of accident, congenital deformity, neutral condition or disease

What we do:
  • Comprehensive Assessment - ROM, biomechanical gait analysis
  • Education - shoe recommendations
  • Casting - wide variety of casting methods are utilized to capture a 3 dimensional model of the foot to produce a fully custom foot orthotic
  • Pick up appointment - orthotics can be manufactured within 1-2 weeks from assessment date. During the pickup appointment, the orthotic will be properly fitted into your shoes and instructions will be given on how to wear and take care of the new orthotics.
  • Follow ups - are included in the original price, for a period of 6 months
  • Adjustments - are included in the original price, for a period of 6 months


  • Quality service and care is our prime objective, thus we perform an indepth gait analysis and biomechanical assessment. Unlike some of the orthotic systems on the market today, our method of fabrication is developed from a 3 dimensional cast of the foot. We use a variety of casting systems, including impression foam, plaster wrap casting, slipper (fibre glass) cast, which allows the practitioner to control subtalar neutral.
  • Our Pedorthic staff is Canadian certified, which means that our Pedorthic staff is qualified and trained within Canada and governed by Canadian College of Pedorthics www.cpedcs.ca and members of the Pedorthic Association of Canada www.pedorthic.ca
  • We will cover any orthotic adjustments on site for up to 6+ months after the distribution of our device, at no extra cost to the client.
  • We offer a wide variety of orthoses for a variety of footwear, including dress shoes, pumps, loafers, and of course, oxford shoes.
  • Our orthotics come in a variety of colours and materials.
  • We have a small selection of orthopaedic shoes and orthotic friendly casual shoes and athletic sandals.
  • Our laboratory is locally located and orthotics adjustments can be made on site at our clinics.
  • We value the team approach, and working closely with physicians, specialists, nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and kinesiologists. This relationship is valuable to all parties involved: the health professional and the client.