With Spring just around the corner, we are all looking forward to some much-needed sunshine, t-shirt weather, and swapping out our hot lattes for ice caps. The birds will return, the flowers with start to bloom and Brides everywhere will be counting down the time until their meticulously planned day of nuptials arrives.

Being invited to a wedding is a wonderful honour that provides you with a fun filled day of drinks, good food and great company. It can also turn into an expensive endeavour when you are shelling out money for a new outfit, shoes, jewellery, gifts, hotel room and aesthetic services. Although some of those expenses are inevitable, do not let foot pain be a physical expense that you are also paying for. 

Paying over $100 for fancy shoes that you end up wearing for a maximum of 2 hours and then kicking them under the dinner table where they will stay for the next 6 hours seems to be an all too familiar story of wedding guests. When we wear heels we are distributing our weight from our heel and forefoot to primarily the ball of the foot. This can lead to forefoot Dress Shoes FBpain known as metatarsalgia and can contribute to a pinch nerve called a Morton’s neuroma. Ill-fitting heels can create pressure points on bunions, hammertoes and arthritic foot joints as well as cause blisters and ingrown toenails.

Knowing all of this we still open our wallets to poorly designed ‘pretty heels’ and pay for the physical foot pain afterwards. We have identified the problem but what is the solution? Running shoes with a cocktail gown? Slippers with your favourite little black dress? No, we just have to make more strategic decisions such as:

  • Looking for platforms/wedges instead of a spikey stiletto as you will have a greater surface area to stand on and distribute your weight over.
  • If you insist on a tradition heel dress shoe, look for one with a thicker heel and opt for the 2” style, not the 6”. The lower the heel the less pitched forward onto the ball of the foot you are. 
  • Search for a wider width option when you have bunions, hammer toes, wide feet and/or arthritic joints.
  • Buy gel heel grippers to peel and stick in the shoe to decrease pressure points that can lead to blisters.
  • Stretch your legs post wedding as the posterior leg muscles would have been in a shortened position in the heels that can lead to cramping in the calf and general muscle ache that evening or the next day.
  • Search for heels with built in arch support. This can be difficult to find so talk to your local Pedorthist to give you some options.
  • Always bring a pair of flat shoes to change into when the dancing starts so that that you are not going barefoot on the hard floor. If you purchase a neutral colour of flats that fit you well they can be used for all weddings you attend and you not only will be saving money but your feet will thank you as well!

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