Whether you are working, or just trying to stay active, it can be extremely difficult to achieve what you want to do if your feet hurt. It is truly amazing what our feet do for us and we take them for granted every day. It’s not until they hurt enough to prevent us from doing the things we love to do that we start to pay more attention to our “tender tootsies”.

General foot achiness is common. We stand on our feet for hours, or expect them to take us for 10s of thousands of steps a day. Foot needs differ from person to person, but there are some easy bits of advice to follow with regard to keeping your feet happy and healthy.

Happy Feet FBHere are 5 easy to do “helpful hints” to keep your feet happy:

  1. Consider your footwear! Decide what kind of activity or day you will be having when you get dressed in the morning. Will you be sitting at a desk at work, or will you be running errands or walking the dog? Based on this knowledge you can decide what footwear will be best suited for your days’ activities. Sometimes we do more than one thing in a day while we are out and away from home. Perhaps, you will be at the office for a while but then decide to take a brisk walk for your lunch hour……bringing a pair of running/walking shoes for the lunch hour would help keep your feet happy while exercising. Or, maybe you have some errands to run like grocery shopping. Did you know that in a large size store like Costco, you could easily rack up 1000 steps? It’s no wonder your feet hurt if you are wearing your office shoes for all that walking. Another thing that often makes me cringe is seeing people walking their dogs with flip flops on. Obviously, this is another example of how you could make a better choice in this situation, like running shoes.
  2. Wear shoes, like sneakers or structured sandals in the house. Today’s homes are beautifully decorated with hardwood and tile floors, however, these surfaces can be extremely hard on feet. If you have a few hours of chores or cooking, consider wearing some supportive shoes to protect your feet from those hard surfaces.
  3. Like Oprah often used to say “These are my sitting shoes!” I probably don’t have to tell you that high heeled shoes put excessive pressures on your toes and on the ball of the foot. They are often too tight in the toe box, “squishing” all the toes together. Furthermore, high heel shoes “mess up” your posture and create pressures on your spine and knees that a lower shoe would not. IF you sit a lot or have a function, go ahead and wear the heels, but consider bringing comfy shoes to wear from the car to the venue/reception and change shoes when you get to the door.
  4. Do your shoes fit? Over 50% of the time, the general population wears shoes too tight, and too small. Women are the worst, ……sorry ladies! But it is true. We make decisions to buy shoes based on style, and not on fit. Consider whether your longest toe is touching the end of the shoes. Is it? You are likely in a shoe that is too short for your feet. It is best to have 3-6mm (width of a pinkie nail) between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Are your shoes wide enough? Make sure you have wiggle room in the toe box and that your toes do not feel “squished”
  5. Are your hips or legs tight? As we become older, even into our 30s, our bodies are changing. We have less collagen to keep our tissues pliable. Our muscles start to shrink and become less stretchy. Having a stretching routine is one of the ways that you will help your body to prevent foot and ankle pain. Yoga is an amazing way to stay “limber”.

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