In Canada, there are a variety of different practitioners that dispense custom made orthotics.

Pedorthists are experts in human gait and movement and most Pedorthists have a background in Kinesiology (the study of human motion) and or science. The Pedorthic Program is a post graduate diploma taken through Western University.

Canadian Certified Pedorthists are the only practitioner extensively trained in the study of raw materials, design and manufacturing processes of custom orthotics

Yes, Select locations, such as Woodstock sell braces. In Woodstock we stock a variety of braces for toes, ankles, knees and even wrists.

The Woodstock location also assesses and will measure for custom made ankle braces, such as AFO’s and Custom made knee braces for ligament stability and OsteoArthritis offloading. Custom made braces require a prescription from your doctor indicating what is needed and for what.

Foot by Foot has a variety of different custom orthotic devices that have a different construction to fit a variety of shoes, including; runners, work boots, sandals, dress shoes, pumps, Mary Janes, loafers, winter and hiking boots, skates and cleats including sprinting spikes.

Some types of orthotics can be moved to a variety of shoes, but some shoes are too low profile for the usual orthotics such as skates, sandals or dress shoes. In this case a completely different device is constructed that is “uber” thin and shaped to fit that shoe in particular.

Select locations, such as Woodstock sell shoes. However, these are orthopedic or medical grade shoes that are fit by a Pedorthist.

  • Orthopaedic shoes are double depth and come in a variety of widths and sizes.
  • We do not stock shoes in the clinic. We have a few samples to show, but we order the shoes specifically for you.
  • If you choose to purchase shoes with us, we would order them for you. In the event that they did not fit you, we would not require any payment from you. We are in the business of only selling shoes that fit you properly.

It will depend on the construction of the custom made orthotics but, most of them will last easily 3-5 years. In our experience, however, they are most effective and able to best correct your feet in the first 2 years of their life. After that, they may start to lose some of their effectiveness, like cushioning or contouring shape.

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