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A biomechanical and gait assessment is performed to determine the type of footwear that is required for your foot and body needs.

foot by foot custom made footwear

Custom Made Footwear

Custom made shoes are made “from scratch” around a last (or mold of your foot and ankle) and are specific to feet with very special needs, such as amputations, or deformities. These are geared for people who struggle to find something in stores to meet their needs.

foot by foot orthopedic footwear

Orthopedic Shoes

Finding shoes in the world of retail can be a challenge when you have specific foot issues. Orthopedic Shoes are medical grade and can accommodate many foot shapes and deformities with built-in features. Orthopedic shoes are no longer just shoes made for “grandma”, they come in a variety of trendy styles and colours. Most orthopedic shoes are designed with extra depth to allow for the addition of custom made orthotics.

foot by foot therapeutic footwear

Therapeutic Shoes

Although not covered with most insurance plans, therapeutic shoes are significantly more “fashion-forward”. They are often very similar to orthopedic shoes, however, may not be offered with as many options in features and sizes.

foot by foot modified footwear

Modified Footwear

Some foot conditions require more control than custom orthotics alone can provide. Footwear modifications may play an important role in non-surgical management of foot and ankle conditions. Your existing shoes are expertly modified with features such as lifts (for leg length differences) or rocker soles (for fused ankles or severe forefoot pain) or buttresses ( to assist in ankle support). Our lab technician is phenomenal at disguising these changes to your footwear.

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