Orthopedic Bracing

Need to kneel? Bracing can help soft tissue injuries, correct positioning, provide stability and limit motion .

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Custom Knee Braces

Orthopedic BracingCustom made knee braces are orthopedic devices that are specifically designed for an individual to provide protection and support to the injured knee joint. They are often used to address soft tissue injuries (Ligament Braces), correct the bone position, provide stability and to limit motion (Osteo Arthritic Braces). In our office, we provide Ossur-Generation II braces and Donjoy braces with the latest technology. These braces feature a sleek, lightweight frame with lightweight carbon fibre materials for a precise, contoured fit. Orthopedic knee bracing can provide ligament stability, patella (knee cap) guidance and compression, reducing pain and increasing quality of life. All custom knee brace candidates are assessed and casted by a Kinesiologist.

Ankle Bracing

Ankle braceAnkle Bracing helps control inversion and eversion of the ankle. They are usually for sports injuries, such as sprains, or for ankle instability.

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