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The Foot By Foot Orthotics team has been supporting foot health in Southwestern Ontario since 2005.
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Darlene Rempel
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"I love meeting people and solving problems, to help them live their best lifestyle."

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Darlene Rempel, R. Kin, C. Ped (C), C. Ped Tech (C)
Registered Kinesiologist, Certified Canadian Pedorthist, Pedorthic Technician
Prior to founding Foot by Foot in 2005, Darlene began her career as an exercise and rehabilitation therapist/kinesiologist, where she was introduced to the amazing results that were realized by the use of custom foot orthotics. Darlene graduated with a Bachelors in Human Kinetics with a major in movement science while playing volleyball on the women's varsity volleyball team.
Darlene has a special interest in human movement problems and has proven resourceful in finding solutions for her patients based on their lifestyle goals. She is involved with the advancement of Pedorthics by authoring a chapter in the Clinical Guidelines Textbook by the Pedorthic Association of Canada, and has offered volunteer time on the Communications Committee contributing to several articles a year in the pedorthic journal, Pedorthics Quarterly. She has also volunteered her time with the Professional Development Committee in previous years.
Over the last couple decades, Darlene continues to play competitive volleyball and has enjoyed many recreational activities including mountain biking, ultimate frisbee, tennis, skiing and fitness. Her active family takes up much of her free time, but they enjoy camping, canoeing, hiking and biking together.
Jane Cromwell
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"I love helping people. It is rewarding to improve people's quality of life."

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Jane is a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, who began her pedorthic career in 1993 working in the Kitchener-Waterloo and Stratford area. She is skilled in all areas of Pedorthics and is committed to provide the best in patient care. She intergrates quality of care with communication, compassion and emphasizes patient education.
Although Jane enjoys treating all foot and ankle conditions and sports injuries, she realized early in her career she had developed a particular interest to help those people who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes. In 1997 Jane was involved in Jannsen-Ortho Regranex Gel clinical trials helping to off load the diabetic neuropathic ulcers with orthotics and customized footwear.
Through the years Jane has been involved as a practicum site supervisor, passing on her knowledge to students from the Diploma of Pedorthics program through the University of Western Ontario along with sitting on the Pedorthics Ethics Committee and Pedorthic Complaints and Disciplinary Committee. Jane is a long time member of the Pedorthic Association of Canada and a member of the College of Pedorthics of Canada.
Michelle McCrory
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"I play and coach basketball, and have an interest in sports medicine."

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Michelle has been practicing pedorthics for over thirty-two years in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph area. Michelle graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1990 with an  Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology/Recreation while playing varsity basketball for 5 years, co-captaining for her last 3 years,  She received her Canadian Certification in Pedorthics in 1992.
Michelle was first introduced to Pedorthics when the University team sports medicine doctor referred her to a local pedorthist for an assessment and treatment of multiple foot and leg pain. Michelle's successful experience and the ability to return to sport gave her a true understanding of what the Pedorthic profession had to offer. It was life-changing for her and her ability to maintain her training and play high-level sports. As an avid athlete throughout her life,  Michelle developed a special interest in sports medicine. She is passionate about giving her patients a personalized and comprehensive assessment and treatment plan to get her patients back to sports and back to living an active life.
Michelle has served on the Certification Committee with the Pedorthic Association of Canada in the past and was an instructor for the Pedorthics Program at the University of Western Ontario Continuing Studies.
Michelle continues to enjoy an active lifestyle hiking, cycling, skiing, and traveling with her husband and family.
Courtney Aubin
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"Sports have always been a big part of my life, this passion extends to treating athletes of all ages and helping them reach their goals."

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Courtney is a University of Waterloo Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from 2018.  Between her undergrad and Pedorthic studies she pursued one of her passions by travelling to New Zealand and Australia for 6 weeks! Since her Pedorthic Certification in 2020, Courtney has dedicated her career to connecting with patients and ensuring treatment plans are suited to each individual’s needs.  She focuses on providing expert advice, along with quality services and products to help people stay active and work comfortably.  She is professional, engaging, enthusiastic and passionate about what she does.  She has a special interest in using her education, experience and artistic skills to improve biomechanical gait and posture abnormalities for all age groups. Courtney is currently expecting her first child in February 2024, and is very excited for this new chapter in her life! At home she spends time with her partner, her step daughter, and her 2 year old cat, Nala.  With one paw missing, Nala was an easy choice for Courtney when looking for kittens.  In her downtime, Courtney loves reading, crafting, exercising and socializing with friends or family.  She loves playing volleyball and golf, as well as boating in the summertime.  She looks forward to meeting you at one of her many clinics.
Angela Quick
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"I raced in the 2018 Ironman World Championship and I'm fascinated by biomechanics!"

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Angela is a C. Ped (C).
Angela is passionate about helping others alleviate their foot pain. Stemming from an interest in both science and sport, she graduated from the University of Guelph with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Human Kinetics. Finding fascination in understanding the function and biomechanics of the human body she continued her education at the University of Western Ontario obtaining a degree in Pedorthics in 2012, and later that year she became a Canadian Certified Pedorthist.
Sport has played a significant role in her life; she competed globally as a professional triathlete, swam as part of the University of Guelph varsity swim team, as well as found a passion for distance running. With residual swim-bike and run speed she continues to enjoy her love for endurance sport at an amateur level. In 2018 she raced at the Ironman World Championships. It's not unusual for you to spot her running or riding on local routes. Sport has given her an appreciation for movement and a better understanding of the body's ability to perform.
Samantha Sabol
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"I love seeing patients come in and achieve their health goals!"

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Samantha has close to 20 years management experience in the retail industry. She has had the opportunity to manage retail stores and sales regions.
Having attained her goals in the retail industry, she turned her attention to the healthcare industry. During the last 16 years, Samantha has managed administration aspects of a multi-disciplinary & Pedorthist clinic. Samantha is currently involved in the daily administrative duties of the office as she fields patient inquiries, schedules appointments and enjoys seeing patients meet their health care goals.
Her interests include personal health & fitness, pub quizzes, cooking, listening to music and spending time with her husband and her two lovely cats.
Jayne Johns
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"I love being part of educating and bringing awareness about orthotics to people!"

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Jayne moved to Woodstock from Hamilton and have 20+ years of experience in office administration/ customer service. She has dabbled in other enterprises including running my own business, banking and manufacturing office work. She returned to school to obtain her medical administration.
She truly enjoys helping people and ensures that customers are comfortable and knowledgeable with their experience in our office. She enjoys the challenge of the spectrum of skills needed for the job, including organization, inventory management, and purchasing.
In her spare time she enjoys watching her Leafs – Go Leafs Go, and spending time with her grandkids.

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Our Approach

What Makes Us Different

At Foot By Foot, our team really cares about making a difference in people's lives. Our commitment to healthy lifestyles, especially  when it comes to mobility, is our highest priority. We love what we do (this is not just a job), and we live and breath what we do. We are excited to share our wealth of knowledge with you.
  • We operate with the highest professional code of conduct and ethics
  • We will provide you with an opportunity to learn about foot health to make better choices to fit your lifestyle
  • We design and manufacture premium quality custom orthotics to fit your needs
  • Our custom-made foot orthotics are handcrafted in our local laboratory, using raw materials on a 3-dimensional mold of your foot
  • Our Pedorthists have the skills and tools necessary to adjust your orthotics in-house
  • We work closely with other allied health care providers (such as physiotherapists, footcare nurses) in order to create a personal and comprehensive treatment plan

Our Values

Customer Service

Our team is here to exceed your expectations, treat you with respect and provide you with an exceptional patient experience.


Our team empowers and informs you to make better choices in your foot health


Our Pedorthists have all obtained the Canadian Certification with up to date continued professional education and ethics training. We provide the highest standard of care.



We are a preferred provider for custom-made orthotics, and footwear. A doctor's referral/prescription is not required for your appointment, although, in most cases, it is required for your insurance provider. You will be provided with:
  • A receipt, showing payment, Pedorthist credentials & license number
  • A copy of your biomechanical evaluation and gait analysis
  • Report with dispensing date
  • Lab invoice - listing raw materials and production methods (when required by insurance)
We work in accordance with The College of Pedorthics of Canada and the Pedorthic Association of Canada:


Get To Know Us

Our team is constantly growing and reaching new milestones year after year! Take a look at how we've grown since our start in 2005:
The Birth of Foot by Foot
Joint venture with Mike Forgrave - Foot by Foot was born. Woodstock clinic, being a “brick and mortar” clinic, was able to offer in stock orthopaedic braces and compression as well as our main focus of custom made orthotics.
Independence Day
Darlene Rempel, C. Ped (C) and Foot by Foot became an independent corporation of Woodstock, Guelph and Brantford locations.
The Three Musketeers
Michelle McCrory, C. Ped (C) and Jane Cromwell C. Ped (C) joined forces to bring their years of expertise to the Foot By Foot team. The number of clinic locations grew  Guelph, Kitchener, Milton,  St. Marys, Stratford & Waterloo.
Here We Grow Again
We grew to 15 Foot by Foot clinics in the Southwestern Ontario area.
Twenty-Twenty Vision
Courtney Aubin, C. Ped (C), joins the team with clinics in Woodstock, London & Mt. Brydges.
Here we grow again
Another new member, Angela Quick, C. Ped (C), has joined our team with clinics in Brantford, Paris and St. George. We are proud to announce our new website as well.