Bracing is comprehensive care to recover injuries and stabilize joints.


Knee Brace

Custom-made knee braces are orthopaedic devices that are specifically designed to provide protection and support to an injured knee joint. Ligament braces address compromised soft tissue tears or injuries, while "Unloader" braces adjust the joint position to provide stability and unload problem areas (such as osteo-arthritis and meniscus damage). 

At our Woodstock office only, we provide "Ossur" and "Donjoy" braces with the latest technology. These braces feature a sleek, lightweight frame with lightweight carbon fibre materials for a precise, contoured fit. All custom knee braces candidates are assessed and measured by a Kinesiologist.


Ankle Brace

At the Woodstock clinic, we offer a variety of pre-fabricated off-the-shelf braces to suit your needs, for ankles, knees and even wrists and elbows. You can expect a personalized, one-on-one customer experience to assist your selection. A medical prescription is suggested, in order to accommodate your individual injury needs.


How We Work

We can help you  reduce pain and improve comfort at work, in your daily activities and hobbies. Braces last for as long as they fit your body, and should be laundered regularly to perform optimally. We make custom-made braces which require two appointments: 
  1. First, we measure your leg, possibly take some photographs and determine the best type of brace for your individual needs.
  2. Next, we test the fit of the brace and provide you with care instructions.

Your Appointment

Bring the following with you to your first appointment:

  • Pants that show the entire leg
  • Prescription (required if custom made)

Pricing & Insurance

Prices for custom braces range from $1550.00 to $1750.00, and we also carry non-custom (off-the-shelf) braces for $60-$600. Our services are supported by a number of popular insurance providers with a medical prescription.

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Put some pep in your step!

Braces are available at our Woodstock location in the Princess Street Medical Building. Call to learn more or book an appointment online now!