A custom-made orthotic is a discrete device worn inside your footwear. "Custom-made" means that your orthotics are handcrafted in our local lab, using a 3-dimensional plaster cast of your foot.


Premium Orthotics

Our premium custom orthotics provide the best comfort and flexibility possible. We hand-craft each pair to fit your feet perfectly. Multiple layers come together for the cushioning and support you need for working, playing sports and more.


Dress Orthotics

Our dress orthotics offer a low profile design. This slim orthotic is designed to fit into any shoe while still providing the support you need.


Kid's Orthotics

Growing feet need support that grows with them. That's why our kid's orthotics are designed to support your child as they grow a few sizes without needing a replacement. If necessary, we also carry affordable non-custom orthotics in kid's sizes.


Diabetic Orthotics

Diabetic or accommodative orthotics are designed with your unique foot health needs in mind. This material is soft and will accommodate your bony abnormalities and ulcers to reduce the chances of irritation and inflammation. 


How We Work

We can help you  reduce pain and improve comfort at work, in your daily activities and hobbies. Orthotics can last two to four years depending on your usage, and we will follow up with you yearly to ensure the best experience. We make custom orthotics for you over two appointments: 
  1. We assess posture, foot type, range of motion, gait, and analyze your existing footwear. We then take a 3-dimensional cast of your feet. (30-60 minute appointment)
  2. On your return appointment, we check the fit of the orthotics, shape them to fit your shoes and provide you with care instructions. (15-30 minute appointment)
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Your Appointment

Bring the following with you to your first appointment:

  • 2 pairs everyday shoes
  • Pants that show knee
  • Prescription, if you have one

Pricing & Insurance

Prices for custom orthotics starting at $495 and up, and a second pair would be offered at a discounted rate for a limited time. Our practitioners are Canadian Certified Pedorthists and our services are a preferred provider of custom-made orthotics supported by most insurance providers:

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Put some pep in your step!

Orthotics are available at all of our locations across Southwestern Ontario. 
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