Finding shoes can be a challenge when you have specific foot issues.



Orthopaedic footwear are pre-fabricated shoes made to support the mechanical motion of walking in the foot, ankle and leg. They are designed to accommodate your unique foot shape and size and help you maintain a healthy, pain-free gait.



Therapeutic shoes are significantly more "fashion forward" than traditional orthopaedic footwear. They are often very similar to orthopaedic shoes, however, they may not be offered with as many options in features and sizes.



Footwear modifications may play an important role in non-surgical management of foot and ankle conditions. Your shoes are expertly modified with features such as lifts (for leg length differences) or rocker soles (for fused ankles or severe forefoot pain) or buttresses (to assist in ankle support). Our lab technician is phenomenal at disguising these changes to your footwear.



Custom made shoes are made "from scratch" around a last (or a mold of your foot and ankle) and are specific to feet with very special needs, such as amputations or deformities. These are geared for people who struggle to find something in stores to meet their needs.


How We Work

We can help you  reduce pain and improve comfort at work, in your daily activities and hobbies. Footwear can last one to three years depending on your usage, and we can follow up with you upon request. Most orthopaedic shoes are specialty orders (stock is limited due to the multiple width and lengths required for shoes).

Your Appointment

Bring the following with you to your first appointment:

  • Your medical prescription if you have one (insurance providers may require this for coverage)
  • Shoes you want modified
  • Pants that show knee
  • Orthotics to try in shoes, if you have them

Pricing & Insurance

Prices for custom-made footwear start at $1500.00, and we also can make steel-toed boots for the workplace up to $2500.00. Our Woodstock location sells therapeutic and orthopaedic footwear between $200.00 and $400.00. Insurance plans may reimburse you for custom-made and orthopaedic footwear with a medical prescription. Custom-made footwear may take 4-6 weeks for the manufacturing process. Our practitioners are Canadian Certified Pedorthists and our services are supported by a number of popular insurance providers:

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Put some pep in your step!

Footwear services are available at our:
Guelph (West Side),
Brantford (Centreline),
Kitchener (CBI),
Kitchener (Belmont Village),
St. Mary's
and Mitchell

Therapeutic and orthopedic footwear is sold only at the Woodstock location.
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