Compression Therapy

Compression wear comes in various styles to support your legs. These socks and stockings create pressure on your legs to help the valves within the affected veins to work more efficiently to move fluids upward. Compression socks are garments that use graduated compression to assist the symptoms associated with: venous insufficiency, varicose veins, tired or fatigued legs, post-surgery, travel, athletic performance and pregnancy.



Medical-grade compression socks and stockings offer you support at a specific pressure rating in mmHg (millimeters mercury). We professionally fit all medical compression wear to ensure a proper fit, and also educate you on how to wear the garment on your own.

Our various suppliers offer a wide range of textile and quality variance, which assists in the comfort and effectiveness of the product. Compression comes in a variety of lengths, such as knee, thigh and waist heights, and can offer open-toe options. A medical prescription is strongly advised.



In addition to our medical grade options, performance or non-medical socks, to the knee, consistently increase the stabilization of lower legs muscles and oxygen delivery. Targeted compression zones decrease the risk of injuries, blood clots, and muscle fatigue. Keep your feet dry and blister-free with anti-chafing yarns and maximum breathability.



Occasionally, pre-made compression socks do not fit all types of legs, therefore we offer custom-made socks and stockings specifically made for you. Measurements are taken of your legs to ensure a comfortable fit.


How We Work

We can help you  reduce pain and improve comfort at work, in your daily activities and hobbies. For best results, measurement is recommended in the morning or shortly after waking as your legs will swell over the course of the day. Compression socks and stockings can last three to four months depending on your usage. We provide compression socks and stockings for you over two appointments (unless we have your size in stock):
  1. We measure your feet and legs, and determine the best type of compression socks or stockings for your lifestyle.
  2. Next, when your order comes in, we check the fit and educate you on how to put on the compression socks.

Your Appointment

Bring the following with you to your first appointment:

  • Your doctor's prescription, especially for medical-grade socks (insurance claims will require the compression amount, length, and a medical diagnosis indicating the need for the socks)
  • Pants that fit loosely (or bring shorts)

Pricing & Insurance

Medical and non-medical compression that is custom-fitted to your needs costs between $40-$180. Prices for custom-made compression ranges in price depending on the length (knee, thigh or waist) of the garment. Our practitioners are Canadian Certified Pedorthists and/or Certified Fitters, and our services are supported by a number of popular insurance providers.

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